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More than Construction 

We Build for People

The People Behind  the Projects  
The Heart and Hammer of Build 360   

We are a women and minority-owned business and general contractor based in the heart of Washington State (Seattle) a place we lovingly call home.  Our roots are grounded in construction and community building. This unique combination has forged us into who we are today. Our founders Paul & Shantel Patu and Al Scanlan are industry veterans with over two decades of experience, brought together their passion for the craft of construction and their commitment to building thriving communities, and thus, Build 360 Construction was born.


Our approach is as unique as our foundation. We don't merely build; we create. We don't just provide service; we craft experiences. Our recipe for success is a blend of thoughtful customer service, effective planning, innovative solutions, fair pricing, and a relentless pursuit of quality. We aim to extend beyond the status quo and deliver 360-degrees of quality service that sets us apart.


We are passionate about building long-term client relationships through trust, consistency, and a high level of integrity in everything we do. The BUILD 360 team is energetic, innovative, and committed to building a community of construction professionals. 


Our team has over 20 years of experience in commercial construction providing pre-construction and construction services for retail, restaurant, multi-family, veterinary, office, and public projects.


We value 360 degrees of accountability on every level of our company knowing that our strength as a team is held together by our commitment to be accountable to one another and most of all our clients.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

A Future Built on Trust and Quality
Our eyes are set on a future where every commercial and residential structure is not just a physical entity but a nurturing space. A place where individuals can thrive, families can grow, and communities can flourish. This mission guides us in everything we do.


Our Commitment:

Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity.
We're proud to be a woman and minority-owned business that upholds and celebrates diversity. We intentionally create opportunities for underserved minority communities and are committed to helping our clients meet their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce is a strong workforce, and this belief permeates every layer of our work.


Our Values: The Pillars of Build 360
The pillars that uphold Build 360 are robust and enduring: Customer Care, Accountability, Continuous Improvement & Learning, Innovation, Integrity, Trust, and Making a Difference. These values guide every decision, every plan, and every action. They remind us that our work extends beyond construction into building better communities and brighter futures.


Join the Build 360 Journey

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